Monday, January 18, 2010

Neurologist update

Well, that was a fairly uneventful appointment. We reviewed Dominic's year. Dominic interacted and played ball with Dr Grabert. He built blocks (using both hands, no preference it seems), and generally was much more sociable than last year. Dr Grabert agreed we were doing the right stuff. And should we decide we need the diagnosis changed, he is fine with that. He's a long time player of the insurance game, apparently

I asked if Dr Grabert had any opinions on the studies out there these days showing improvement in speech for nonverbal kids when using alzheimers drugs. (specifically namenda and donepezil) and he had. He's willing to write us a 'script after we get Dominic's tummy cleared up and donepezil goes generic (which he said would be this year, I just checked the FDA website, and it went generic last month). We'll discuss it with Dr Kucera. The thing is the most common side effects are GI related, but there seems to be a transdermal option, which would skip the GI tract entirely. So its certainly worth discussing.

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