Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alpine Parent meeting today

We had a good meeting at Alpine today. Dominic is continuing to make good progress on all his programs. We definitely saw some regressions the 3 weeks we had him on OSR, and are starting to gain lost ground back. Dominic just doesn’t seem to do well at all with any synthetic supplements. If when we see Dr Kucera in Feb. he continues to push for chelation, the only one I’m going to agree to would be NDF from Bioray, and we would probably want to follow their entire protocol and do liverlife, as well as get his urine ph balance figured out. We’ll see. I just really think that synthetics aren’t going to do it for him. Bioray uses the same technology in NDF (on chlorella) that they use in Cytoflora (on probiotics) and we LOVE cytoflora. So we’ll see.

We talked some about how Dominic is a unique case at Alpine, and as a result they’re having some challenges getting him to learn. He’s unique because he had skills and then lost them where as the majority of their kiddo’s never got skills to begin with. The holes that Dominic has are weird – he is having a HORRIBLE time receptively identifying colors and shapes (and that means, that when given a field of options, someone would say Give me Blue, he would give them them blue object – or give me a circle, and he’d give them the circle). He can match until the cows come home - so we know he's not color blind, but receptive identification just isn’t there. However, he’s having no problem receptively learning his letters – generally if a child doesn’t “get” the basic colors and shapes, they don’t get letters. So the gaps in his foundation skills are funky. He’s also stubborn. They’ve had to limit the special reinforcers (potato chips and the water table) to just the Colors and Shapes programs, and they’re still trying to find efficient ways to get the concepts into his head.

We talked about his DRAMA lately. The quivery lip and tears if something is presented firmly… The “NO NO NO” that he’s saying when he doesn’t want to do something, the hiding his head if he’s mad at you. Really, he never went through the normal 3 year old drama stuff, because he was busy regressing. I think he’s now going through that set of developmental hurdles. So we’ll see. He’s overall a very mellow child, tho.

Stimming wise, she’s trying to come up with a good redirect for the growling. Because its annoying. Its intermittent, tho. The chewing on his clothing is almost gone, that one directly correlated to OSR. And he’s still chewing on his fingers. He won’t let us apply bandaids, either – they offend him.

Amber is going to come with us to the IEP the beginning of March, and we’re starting to talk about what we want on it, and how yes, those goals are going to require him to have lots of support. That’s okay, they’re goals, not things he can already do. And its basic pre-academic stuff – letters, numbers, shapes, colors, counting, reciting the ABC’s, and being able to recognize and write his name.

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