Saturday, January 23, 2010

well, thats new.

Its been a mostly uneventful, moderately cranky-boy'd weekend.

however, Dominic just did something I've never seen him do.

Back story - i rearranged his bedroom this morning entirely. Two reasons, his bed (against the outside wall in the full basement - was a little too chilly, and the light switch was right about the bed, so it'd become automatic for him to just turn on the light in the middle of the night if he was momentarily awake (yes, we have found him sound asleep w/the light on).

So he just went in and saw the new arrangement. He wasn't upset (i was concerned he would be) and i handed him the little dollbaby that he snuggles at night, and took her, put her head on the pillow, covered her with his fleece cars blanket, and said SLEEPING. then kissed her. and left.

he used a verb, appropriately. this is HUGE.
plus the pretend play aspect, also huge.

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