Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Banana’s and Prunes, and prep for Dr. K appt.

Banana’s and Prunes.
The beginning of January, we added prunes and prune juice to Dominic’s daily regimen, and saw immediate, healthy, shifts in his stools. Color improved, and digestion improved. We downslid a bit when we added in the GI Revive and Bifido from the doctor (we started with the recommended dosage, and immediately he was back to explosive, liquid diarrhea, so we stopped immediately, gave it a few days, and went to 1/8th of the recommended dose. We’ve been slowly increasing it. We’re now at 3/8th of the dose). We were pretty steadily having “plops” instead of formed stools, but they were digested, until this weekend.

Over the weekend, I caught a sale on banana’s. Dominic *loves* bananas. So Monday, we realized he had a NORMAL stool. Tuesday, he had 3 normal stools. Today… another normal. Its been 3 full days since he had any form of diarrhea. This is the best his tummy has been since the H1N1 in October.

So, we’ve decided we’ll be continuing to feed him at least one banana a day, and the prune juice part of his daily cocktail is staying.

We have an appointment with Dr Kucera tomorrow morning. They actually sent us the paperwork in advance to fill out, which is nice. Hopefully it’ll mean we DON’T have a 3 hour appointment.

Here’s what I filled out for them:

Focus of today’s visit: __Followup of GI issues and OSR/ Biofilm protocols.

Problems: _See GI summary below._____________________________

Concerns regarding previous Recommendations: _OSR caused brain fog, verbal regression and new stims similar to what DMPS did last summer. Suspect he is either sulfur sensitive or unable to tolerate synthetic chelators. The Biofilm protocol made his diarrhea worse (suspect the EDTA), BUT brought us the spontaneous yes’s. ____________________________________

Were you able to complete recommendations? Yes ___ No_x__

1. What do you recommend for a supplement to assist cognition, specifically left/right brain interaction? I’ve asked before about piracetam and aniracetam before, but I’m also wondering about ginko bilboa, and about some of the alzheimers drugs, Aricept and namenda.

2. Do you think that he still needs chelation of some sort? With the negative reactions he’s had to DMPS, OSR, and EDTA, I’m not sure what direction to go. I’ve read the Bioray protocol for detox, and would be willing to give that a shot if you think he is still carrying too many metals.

Please provide a detailed update on your child:

Describe Current Status
Bowel Movements
Applesauce texture, stinky, brown, “ploppy” 2-4x per day, tends to hold it for home instead of going at school. Got way worse when we added the Biofilm protocol, slowly getting better. We’re about back to where we were at the November appointment

Bladder Function
Going regularly, very yellow from B12. Fully potty trained minimal accidents.

Behaviors New stim from Biofilm: head twitch, went away. New Stims from OSR: growling, chewing fingers, and biting clothes, slowly going away. New stim – loving falling backwards onto the couch / pillow / bed. Really wanting to eat lots of ice cubes – is that pica?

Weaned off of melatonin mostly. Now just used as needed, maybe 30% of nights. Night sweats are almost non existent now.

He’s much more emotional now. Almost like a typical early 3 year old w/tantrums. Does some playing at school w/other kids

Speech Got YES back, using NO. Holding steady w/number of words per session at Alpine – big dip when we did OSR, but that’s come back. Less babble now and more words. Still averaging 150 attempts at verbals per session.

OSR caused loss of focus and compliance. That’s coming back now that he’s off of it.

Current Diet (GFCF, SCD, Yeast Free, etc) ____GFCFSF, and allergen free.

Typical Meals
• Breakfast: Either nitrate free bacon or sausage, plus avocado, plus either rice/corn chex or GF oatmeal. Or GFCF cereal bar. Sometimes fruit.
• Lunch: GFCF meatballs or chicken tender plus green vegetable plus rice/potato. Sometimes sunbutter sandwich on GFCF bread
• Dinner: _ GFCF meatballs or chicken tender plus green vegetable plus rice/potato. Sometimes sunbutter sandwich on GFCF bread
• Snacks: Fruit, raw veg, GFCF pretzels/ tings /corn chips
• Liquids/Juices/Beverages: Water, no sugar added juice cut w/water to get in his aloe juice and oils.

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