Thursday, February 4, 2010

Actually an uneventful Doctors appt.

We got to see Dr K without the nutrituionist today. It went MUCH faster. Only a 45min wait for the 8am appointment, and then only an hour for the appointment itself. (down from 3+ hrs)

Anyway, highlights:

Overall, Dominic's making progress. Slow and steady - and he's happy, too. Even thouygh we've seen some regressions with the chelation attempts.

We had done a blood serum heavy metal test in early December, which shows actual levels of toxic metals currently running around his bloodstream. It wasn't horrific, but he's got high levels of arsenic and lead still that are concerning (also cadmium). So I got Dr K's buyoff on doing the Bioray LiverLife and Natural Detox factor protocol. (Dominic did so well on their Cytoflora, plus, they're tinctures of natural substances, versus synthetics created in a lab). I called Bioray and got the order in. We'll start that in about a week, I'm guessing.

Dominic's blood zinc level is still pretty low. Which is concerning because Zinc is vital to rebuild his gut. So, we're upping his zinc supplementation by 25% and we're going to trial gluten free brewers yeast as a supplement. We'll be doing that this week while we wait for the Bioray stuff to arrive. We'll be watching for any sort of allergic reaction which is apparently a possibility.

We are also adding in a between meal enzyme, WobenzymPS, for the gut inflammation. We'll probably start that in between the brewers yeast and Bioray protocol.

For Bioray, we'll do Liver Life for 2 weeks - starting at 1 drop 2x per day, then we'll get Dominic's urine ph down to 6.2 with diet, (we'll be doing test strips every morning) so that we make sure his body is able to clear acids, and THEN we can start the NDF+ which we start at 1 drop per day and are allowed to increase by 1 drop every 2 weeks. Slow and easy, this stuff.

In early April, we'll redo his blood and provoked urine toxic metals tests and see where we're at. WE are to do them on the same day for comparison purposes. We also have instructions to do another stool test if his poop starts to deteriorate again (knock on wood, still looking good)

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