Friday, February 26, 2010

gearing up for IEP on Monday...

So we’ve been gearing up to have our annual IEP with the school district – its scheduled for Monday. I’ve been digging through all the various progress reports and such to come up with a list of appropriate goals to request. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Expressive Language

…Use vocabulary to label objects in categories of animals, clothing, toys, food, common objects.
…Label upper and lower case alphabet letters and make the sound of each letter
…Label 8 colors and 6 shapes
…Count to 20 and verbally identify the numbers 1-20 without prompting
…Use quantity words appropriately, such as big and small, more and less, etc.
…Label ___ emotions in himself and others
…Label ___ verbs
…Ask “when”, “where”, “why”, “who”, and “how” questions
…Use appropriate gender pronouns
…Answer basic questions about himself (name, gender, age, grade, teachers name, parents names, address, phone number…)

Receptive Language
Dominic will independently follow 2-3 step directions out of routine
Dominic will receptively identify his name in printed form
Dominic will receptively identify ____ verbs
Dominic will demonstate understanding of 10 qualitative and 10 quantitative concepts
Dominic will demonstrate understanding of spatial and temporal relations concepts

Motor Skills (fine)

Dominic will independently draw all 26 letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-20, and 6 shapes with a tripod grip on writing utensil
Dominic will independently write his first and last name using upper and lower case letters
Dominic will manipulate buttons and thread zippers

Social / Play
Dominic will turn take with peers
Dominic will engage in cooperative, imaginary play
Dominic will actively and appropriately participate in small and large group activities

In addition, I took all the data we've been given on a monthly basis from Alpine, and put together pretty graphs that cover the time from June-January, I pulled one day per week from the Alpine reports so we could see trending of Dominic's speaking. They're very encouraging

Tacting is labeling the environment - and these numbers are the number of spontaneous tacts Dominic has made in the 3 hours he's there per day. Its jagged, and you can see his major poop problems in November and December reduced his level of tacting

Manding is requesting items / making demands. Nice upward curve here, too

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