Friday, February 19, 2010


A friend of mine is downsizing from house to RV to pursue a dream, and one of the things she listed as getting rid of was a fish tank with fish. I knew Dominic would ADORE it (frankly the only reason we haven't done it before is that i tend to kill fish and didn't want to make a huge investment if i was just going to kill them off, but yard sale prices are much less of an investment).

So I picked it up today. Brought it home, cleaned the tank, resettled the fish, and then brought Dominic home.

He's been sitting in front of it for 90 minutes now. Its better than Disney!

The dog's QUITE interested too.

In other news, today was a gymnastics day for Alpine - they went as a group and did trampolines and such. Dominic was apparently upset when they left, but instead of throwing a snit, he said to his therapist "I'm sad". I cannot think of the last time I heard him say Sad, so we'll see if he duplicates it at home, but wow, another adjective, and used so appropriately.

We're continuing to very slowly ramp up with LiverLife, and hope to start NDF+ next week. I've just made my first batch of homemade lemonaide (fresh lemon juice has an alkinalizing effect on the body, and Dominic's slightly acidic per the ph sticks we've been using in the morning). I'll slowly increase the amount of lemon and decrease the amount of honey. but he likes it. :)

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