Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weird day and other odds and ends.

So yesterday was a very strange day for Dominic. His morning preschool teacher described him as very stimmy, and hyper. He went home for lunch and was very untalkative.

Then he went to Alpine and shattered his previous FOP (free operant pair = verbal attempt) record by almost 100. He had 260 FOP’s in the afternoon. He came bouncing out riding on the therapists back. They said he was definitely high energy, but very compliant and chatty.

Then he went to OT, and she was very surprised at one shift – up to this appointment the toy she used for a reinforcer had to be completely put away out of sight before he’d sit down and work – this time he was fine with it right beside what he was working on. Big shift in his ability to focus.

Dominic’s tummy took a shift back to diarrhea for a few days this week, so we tried some charcoal. Didn’t work. Took out the prune juice, and we’re back to good looking stools. I actually think he’s just getting used to the liver life. We pulled the milk thistle sup’ he’d been taking at lunch because LL has milk thistle in it. We’re now keeping a close eye on his first morning body PH, both saliva (shows what his whole body is right at that moment, and should be around 7) and first morning urine (shows what his body is excreting, which we want to be around 5.8-6.2, to show that he’s pulling acids). Right now they’re reversed, the urine was 6.8 and the saliva was 6. So we’ll be working on alkinalizing his diet (probably with a lot of lemon in his water to start with). Keeping his body ph around 7 is supposed to make him feel much better. Hope he likes lemons.

We just got an email from Dr K’s office, apparently they are now partnered with a place right next door to them that does Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. Which we’re very interested in, but is probably going to be cost prohibitive. I’ll look into it and we’ll see.

I’m walking in the Alpine Autism Center 5k in April and am soliciting sponsorships. You can click the link above if you’d like to help with that. I set a high goal, but I really think that I can find 100 people in my life to donate $10 each. Actually, I only have to find 91 people to now… big thanks to those who already have.

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