Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh Look, its been 2 weeks since I’ve written anything.

Well, its been both a busy and uneventful 2 weeks. Mostly we’re in the same ole same ole grind of day to day frustrations.

On the Dominic front, he has caught and recovered from the crud (Rod and I are still recovering). We’re continuing to ramp up his Bioray Liver Life and NDF+ dose while keeping a close eye on his urine ph every morning to make sure he’s pulling out acids. Its like a chemistry experiment every morning.

What I can say about this process is that we’re continuing to see what started in January or so, which is the stubbornness, and willfulness and personality. This is across all boards, Alpine, and D11 and home etc. Its like the obnoxious 3 year old stage where he’s pushing every boundary and everything is DRAMA. And while I fully appreciate the willfulness is genetic, and that this is a normal stage and we WANT him to get through it, its downright annoying. There is SUCH drama now associated with every little thing – if he gets told NO, we get quivery lip and crocodile tears. If he wants space, he’ll push you away and / or go in the other room and close the door. It would probably be less annoying if we understood what he is trying to say verbally – but we don’t. so its frustrating.

Along with that, he’s starting to have rounds of non compliance and behavior issues at Alpine, which is unusual for him. So we hope he goes through those quickly.

With the detoxing, he’s waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, which he wasn’t for months (this is in addition to going when we get him up at 10pm). So we’re tired. This is with the NDF+ being given only at 6am. And we’re at a whopping 2 drops. So clearly he’s got stuff to detox.

Spring break started today, so no morning school until the 29th. He’s got Alpine Mon-Wed of next week and then a long weekend

I am HALFWAY to my goal for the Alpine Walk. Thank you to everyone who’s pitched in, and if you haven’t already, I’d love it if you sponsored me for a few dollars here:

Dominic’s team is currently 4th, and ya’ll know how competitive I am…. The scary thing is I haven’t walked 5k in… ages. And am ridiculously out of shape. So once this cold goes away, I’ve got some prep work to do.

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