Tuesday, March 23, 2010

this and that

- We added Travacor, Jr back to Dominic's supplement routine over the weekend after a couple of long weeks of whineyness. The tipping point was reports of aggression (pushing, etc) with other kiddos. Haven't had a whiney fit since we added it back on Saturday, and when I asked at Alpine today they said his compliance was MUCH better than last week and they hadn't seen any aggression since last week either. The first time we did Travacor it was in response to hitting behaviors and it stopped those cold that time too.

- Dominic's over his crud. I'm not. I got antibiotics yesterday for a residual sinus infection.

- Dominic had a good OT session today - first session in 3 weeks (she was out sick last week, and we're on an every other week schedule), and she was thrilled with his progress. We had added a writing claw at both the school district and Alpine to work on his grip. while his preference is still the fist grip, he corrected easily into a tripod grip for her and drew line up, line down, circle, and a plus sign. Last time, he was only able to do line up and line down. She said he seemed more talkative for her too. That he was doing better organizing things in his head.

- We have a parent meeting at Alpine tomorrow. I don't expect anything earth shattering.

- I missed an excellent photo opportunity this weekend. Dominic puts away his own laundry now (which is a huge step), and I had told him to put away some clean underwear. I turned around and he had them on his head. We about fell down laughing. It was very cute. And now he wont' do it, so i can't take a picture to share the cuteness.

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