Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seasonal allergies do what?

We’re hanging in. We are doing more tests this coming weekend to check blood levels of minerals (toxic and essential), see what kind of urine levels of the same toxic minerals we get with DMPS provocation, and probably a stool test.

Yesterday I was reading the Bioray yahoo group, because its always interesting to see what other people are talking about. Lots of the kiddo’s are having behavior issues with this spring pollen season. This makes a lot of sense…The histamines are related to the methylation cycle and levels of oxidative stress.

Anyway, since we’re doing blood work this coming weekend, I went ahead and called Dr K’s office and had them write up orders for a test of airborne allergens that apparently measures the level of whole blood histamines. And while we’re at it, I had them throw in a liver panel to see what kind of shifts we’ve had since we added liverlife.

We’ll do blood work Saturday, and then we may play with Benadryl (which comes dye free now, yay!) and see if that has any impact on his funky behaviors. (by funky behaviors, I mean, non compliance at alpine, lack of focus at d11, and self injurious behavior across the board – he started biting himself a few days ago for no apparent reason).

Whats interesting to me is that we haven’t seen this spring time behavior shift in the springtime before. What I’m reading talks about the methylation cycle which involves B12, Folic Acid, and Homocysteine all being connected to the SAM-e life cycle which is predominately handled by the liver. It’ll be interesting to discuss this with the doctor, because I’m wondering if we should add SAM-e (or its precursor, Methionine) to Dominic’s supplement schedule.

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