Saturday, April 17, 2010

We went. We Walked. We won a prize

First, i won a prize for being one of the top fundraiser for Alpines Autism walk today!! I was really surprised. Big thank yous to all my donor's. The cool thing is I won that with the majority of my donations being $25 or less. I have some ideas up my sleeve for next year. Hopefully I won't lose the sleeve between now and then.

We dressed for cool weather (it was rainy and 45ish), and Dominic and I got to the registration at 9am. TONS of people there, again another suprise. We hooked up with several friends prior to the walk and Dominic played some on the play ground. Note to self, cool park, try again in non rainy weather.

Then... the giant armadillo arrived. Dominic HATES adults in animal costumes. They freak him right out. So that along with the crowd had him crying for the car. (Pardon the frizzed out hair, rain and i don't get along)

There was a kiddie race before the 5K. I lined Dominic up with the kids and told him to RUN. He looked at me like "seriously, you're kidding right". And walked a little ways. Then came back without running around the track.

We met up with Daddy right before the walk, (he taught a class first), and were about the last people starting. There were several hundred, I'd guess.

Here're Rod and Dominic at the first informational sign:

Here's our friend Dawn who walked with us, and Dominic, at the second informational sign:

Right as we neared the turn around point, we bumped into Dominic's little friend Ethan and his family, so we turned around and the boys did the entire rest of the walk holding hands. Very cute.

We got back to the starting point literally as the radio announcer was announcing that I won a prize for fundraising. Timing was excellent. Then we went to lunch.

The rain has gotten worse, so I'm glad we walked in the morning instead of the afternoon.

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