Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This and That

- We are trying something..... we benadryl this week (dye free, hooray), On Monday and Tuesday, but not this morning. Mon and Tues Dominic had excellent focus and words, today it wasn 't very good. The only reason we didn't this morning is that I forgot. Rod gave it to him at lunch, and he had a great afternoon. We may be onto something. We'll try to remember to keep it up in the mornings. This out of focus thing may very well be pollen allergies and high histamines.

- Dominic's all registered for Kindegarten next year. We met his teacher, saw the room, filled out paperwork, etc. I still need to call transportation and work out the bus thing for next year. He'll be picked up at our door in the mornings and one of us will go get him at 12 pm and drive him to Alpine. He'll have lunch with his classroom.

- Out of the blue, he's really enjoying Dora the Explorer (after leaving the DVD alone for over a year, he now asks for it by name. "Dorie...")

- The past couple of days we've seen a sudden upsurge in self amusement - namely with his cars. He's actually playing with them again. Kind of cool.

- I think he's getting the cold that Rod got Saturday and I caught yesterday. We'll see, I'm trying to head it off with antivirals up front.

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