Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend snippets

- if ever there was a time I wished I had the camera on me, it was yesterday. We went to lunch at PF Changs to use the gift card I won last weekend (FYI, they have a Gluten Free Menu! and had no problem leaving soy sauce out entirely for Dominic). Dominic had some asparagus. The best way to describe HOW he had the asparagus is to tell you it was kind of like a kid slurping in a spaghetti noodle, but chewing a bit too. Seriously. No hands, a whole stalk at once. We're going to buy some asparagus and see if he'll do it again from home. If so, there will be video. Had us cracking up.

- Today was our end of winter drain the hottub day. So we are filling it back up, Dominic comes outside, looks intently at the water going in, and disappears back inside. He comes back out with a toy boat and proceeds to float it in the hottub. Functional pretend play anyone? I swear if we can get his verbals back, the rest of it he does pretty well on.

- So far so good w/the benadryl. It seems to be cutting the behaviors at home and school reports good things when we use it. He had over 200 verbalizations at Alpine Friday which is on the high end for him.

After I wrote this, I caught the boy having a BLAST ... check it out:

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