Thursday, May 6, 2010

Doc Appt update

We had an excellent,. relatively quick (only 90 minutes) appointment with the doctor this morning to review blood/urine/stool tests, discuss current treatment protocol and tweak supplements.

Good news - his gut is improved significantly. We still have high levels of inflammation, but they're down by over 50% from the last test in January. We will continue our stool protocol. We will also continue our bioray Liver Life and NDF+ protocol - we're going to get up to 10drops of NDF+ per day for a month and then retest his toxic metals. We're going to continue using Super Bifido for another month or so to get his Bifido levels higher. We're not going to do another stool test unless things get way worse... the test is $300 out of pocket. He does however, want me to do ph testing of Dominic's poop once a week. *GREAT*. (gag)

Yes sulfur sensitivity is cumulative and unfortunately, Dr K doesn't know how to reduce levels. So it seems I've got some research to do.

For allergies, instead of the benadryl, we're putting him on Quercitin. Apparently among other things, he's allergic to cats like Rod and I. Quercitin is also a systemic anti inflammatory. We're also increasing his curcumin by 50% for the anti inflammatory properties.

Because I noted that Dominic's gut immediately deteriorates with any immune response, that its a fragile balance, we're adding Super Immune Plus back in daily to give him a bit of an edge.

Because Alpine is starting to see the eye contact become a bit sporadic, we are adding in P5P, which is an active form of vitamin B6.

And, I told Dr K we were doing an HBOT trial, could he please write a 'script so that we could get the tax write off. HE said sure. Funny part was that he said, now what to use for a Dx. I said "how about encephalopathy". He said "oh thats a good one". So we've got a 'script for 40 dives. if they go well, i'll get a second script and we'll do another 40.

Our next appointment will be in August.

We're also going to add in TMG for speech ....

We're backing down on Zinc (cutting in half), and Vitamin C (there's a hefty chunk in the P5P. We will stop the Bifido after the next bottle, and expect to back off of the Travacor in June if we can get his behaviors stabilized by reducing inflammation with Quercitin and HBOT.

Fun Stuff.

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Jessica {The Novice Chef} said...

Great news! So glad he is doing so much better!