Friday, May 7, 2010

HBOT update

Dominic's HBOT trial dive today went fabulously. No problems getting him into the tank (portable DVD player = worth its weight in gold). I got in with him, and we both had plenty of room. There are clear portholes in this one, so no claustrophobia for me. It was downright sweltering by the time we were done, and the guy apologized - we were dive #8 for the day and the building hasn't switched from heating to AC yet, so it was toasty. Dominic had no issue wearing the oxygen mask - he wore it probably 80% of the time. The operator was THRILLED by this. apparently most kids just play with it the first couple of times.

part of the protocol is to drink some of this stuff first, and then during and after the dive. So one bottle per person comes with. Good thing it comes with, i can't see paying extra for it.

I brought along the awesome lounger pillow Rod got me when I was pregnant, and it was PERFECT. The operator guy had cushion envy - apparently, he's got some cancer patients who cannot lay down for the treatment, and he thought my pillow was the best he'd seen.

So, we're purchasing 40 dives. We're going to do 5 next week, and 5 the week after, and then evaluate how we want to proceed. Hopefully by that point we'll have Dominic's summer schedule (Alpine has one last IEP that they're waiting on, and if that school doesn't pay for that child for the summer, Dominic will get his summer morning slot for all of June, all of July, and 1 week in August in addition to the afternoons).

3 hours later and i'm still thirsty. No side effects for Dominic thusfar, tho we are expecting potential yeast die off reaction

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