Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday updates

The weekend was pretty good. I got the vague impression we were seeing a little more language out of Dominic than we had been, but nothing earth shattering. Today he had the morning off because the rest of his class went to the zoo, but since he had Alpine, we didn't take him. He had a great day at Alpine, his therapist said that in just her her 90 minutes (he sees 2 therapists per afternoon, 90min each) he had 98 Free Operant pairs (verbal attempts) and they were almost all clearly audible tacts (labels). This is particularly impressive if you scroll back a few posts and check out the tacting graph - the max he's ever had in a 3 hour afternoon is 30. I'm going to be quite excited to see the May numbers.

We just did our second HBOT session. It went well - he was thrilled to be there and jumped right in... did decent with the mask - but we had to stop in the middle, deflate, and run Dominic to the bathroom. Yes, we went before. The combination of the oxygenated water and the pressure from the tank is murder on bladders. When we finished the second half of the dive, Dominic did the whole grab his crotch and RUN for the bathroom the second we got him out. It was funny. We went ahead and proactively charcoaled him when we got him home, since he started the silly, yeast die off giggliness in the chamber this time. Apparently after we get him used to the oxygen chamber, we'll add in 10 minutes in an infrared sauna prior to getting him into the HBOT chamber to increase the detoxification of the oxygen (they're funky looking, they look like this) Apparently it comes with the whole 40 dives package.

Then, came home, and got an email from Alpine that they will indeed be able to take Dominic full days June and July. So since they're off the week after the 4th, it'll be 7 weeks of full time this summer. Which is excellent. (and, since we get 2 weeks of vacation per year we don't have to pay for, we're using one of those week for the week that Alpine is closed. Seems silly not to) We're hoping that the combination of HBOT and full time ABA for the summer will be significant.

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