Friday, May 14, 2010

Preschool wrap up...

We had our very last parent teacher conference of preschool today... If you recall, out our first meeting, we talked percentages of where Dominic's skills were, according to the AEPS test.

we've had some nice improvements over the year:

Adaptive Area he was in the 69th percentile in October, and he's now in the 86th percentile. Mrs H says he's completely typical of a little boy adaptive skills wise (this is dressing, toileting, grooming

In the cognitive area, he was in the 16th percentile, and is now in the 34th percentile. The preacademic skills are starting to come. We're really excited that he'll be continuing to work on them this summer

In the social communicative area, he was in the 15th percentile and is now in the 30th.

In the social area, he was in the 46th percentile and is now in the 56th.

In the fine motor area, he was in the 30th percentile and is now in the 63rd.

In gross motor, he was in the 65th percentile and is now in the 88th. Totally typical 5year old gross motor skills.

So, he made a lot of progress. He has a long long way to go. His IEP goals all showed progress, nothing mastered yet.

I had a nice conversation with the SPED (special education teacher) for next year. She will likely be his SPED all the way through grade school if everything comes together like we expect. She'll be visiting him at Alpine sometime this summer, and uses ABA with the kids she works with. We're expecting a very smooth transition.

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