Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday musings.

This post has been percolating for a while... do take the time to go read the links, they will make it make more sense.

A week or so ago, I found this article talking about differences between special needs moms and moms of neurotypical kids. A number of the items resonated with me, and made me see perhaps why it is that I feel like a number of my pre-dominic-regression friends just don't know how to relate to me anymore. So I ended up in a discussion with a friend of mine who has mothered both special needs and nt kiddo's. And she informed me that of course people didn't know how to related, its like asking someone how they like living in Mars, but that I really needed to remember that NT kid's have parenting challenges too. Just a completely different set of them. Her situation was different than mine, but similar enough that I knew she knew what she was talking about.

So yesterday, also at Hopeful Parents, I caught this article which was a different way of looking at the same concept. And it really really resonated with all of me. Especially this quote:

"We're not alone on our path either. There are special needs families strewn all over this trail, walking with us. Sometimes we hold hands as we struggle up a steep incline and sometimes we catch each other as we slide down a scree-littered down-slope."

Its really true, the best support and most inspiraton I've gotten, has been from other moms who've been doing this longer than I have. Its because of them here, here, and here .. its because of the Yahoo Groups on every possible focus I could want with hundreds of parents on them... its because of Holly Robinson Pete and Jenny McCarthy and their willingness to talk and write about what helped their kids even though mainstream medical says they're charlatans. Its because of companies like BioRay and New Beginnings who have customer service reps who are parents who have recovered their children, who are willing to guide the rest of us, and even just be an ear when we are completely freaking out. And its because of mommy bloggers all over who are documenting what works for their kids. Our wows so far have not come from the doctor, they've come from the internet suggestions that resonate with what we know about Dominic - Enhansa, Cytoflora... and hopefully now HBOT.

There's a revolution of parents - known in some circles as Warrior Mothers - out there taking their childrens health into their hands. not dismissing AMA, but taking the initiative... by trial and error. Its kind of scary from one perspective, but its going to change the world.

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