Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Tidbits…

HBOT visit number 6 is this afternoon. We have 5 scheduled for this week, and 3 for next (due to scheduling conflicts there). I’ve gone ahead and asked that we be scheduled for 5 a week going forward, and we can always slow down if needed. I want to get to that “magic 40” as quickly as possible so that the 40hrs a week of ABA has the chance for best possible impact.

Apparently adding Shanti to a bath that Dominic is already in is acceptable. Adding Dominic to a bath that Shanti is in, not so much. And he still won’t let the dog sleep with him.

This weekend, Dominic watched Finding Nemo. He came and got me by the hand, took me to the fish tank, and clearly wanted me to get a fish out so that the fish could watch Nemo with him.

We’re seeing many cute little things… Dominic has been tucking us in with blankets when we are sitting on the couch. I was still in PJ’s yesterday morning when I’d supervised him getting dressed, and he took me by the hand to my dresser, said SHIRT, and proceeded to get me a shirt out of my dresser. Very cute.

I’m easing back on some of the supplements – we’re down to ½ a capsule a day now of the Travacor, and I’m about to phase it out entirely (it’s the one we add for behavior issues). Once summer starts, we won’t be doing any lunchtime supplements, so we’ll phase out the baking soda, brewers yeast, and milk thistle (he’s full dose of liverlife so we shouldn’t need it), and move the lunch probiotic to dinner. We’re using up the last of the primal defense probiotic and then we won’t replace it. We’re going to phase down the GI revive, slowly, and presuming his tummy doesn’t get upset, we’ll phase it out entirely. Once we get to the end of HBOT, I hope we will have phased the Curcumin down (in theory the HBOT will take care of inflammation with healing, not a bandaid). We’re going to finish the bottle of NDF+ (chelator), and retest his urine toxic metals. I suspect we’ll be fine to end that as well.

The ones I see us leaving onboard indefinitely are the fish oil., probiotic, and multivitamin. Once we’ve healed his gut and gotten rid of yeast (hopefully also w/the HBOT), we’ll try to ease out of the antifungals (GSE) and extra vitamins/minerals (Zinc, P5P). I suspect Quercitin will stay in our repertoire as an antihistamine, and liverlife will stay in the repertoire (tho we may be able to go down to a maintenance dose in a few months). I hope that after the HBOT we’ll be able to reduce our cytoflora dose as well (right nowe, we’re at 8 droppersful a day. I’d love to cut that down to 2).

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