Thursday, May 20, 2010

this and that

Dominic watched Finding Nemo in the HBOT tank on Tuesday. Then we went home, and I went outside to do some yard work. Came inside to find him drying off his arm, wet to the shoulder. And 2 fish were swimming upside down. Near as I can tell, he took the lid off, and tried to get them out like in the Nemo movie. One of them perked up, but we flushed the other one because he had a popped eyeball and torn up fin. Dominic was sad, cried all night when I told him he hurt the fishes. He knew he was in trouble too, and even remembered it the next morning (he got a talking to from Daddy, and the next morning, I could NOT get him to go in and say good morning to Daddy). Since then, he’s been looking for the missing fish. I don’t know how to communicate the concept of dead fish to him though. However, on the upside, its easily the first time that he remembered he’d been in trouble the night before. (for the record, the fish tank lid is now duct taped down. Discussions on if we get a replacement fish continue)

Dominic has a tendency to wake up before us, and turn his light on, then do a search for his missing glow in the dark maggots that he was holding when he went to sleep. Generally this entails stripping the blankets off the bed. So the other morning when I went to his bedroom, I was pleasantly surprised to find him playing with his cars instead.

I feel like we’re seeing a little more independent labeling at home, but that’s so subjective. We are definitely seeing more babbling. I don’t think we’re seeing any interest in conversation, tho. We’ll know more specifics when we see the May Alpine report. He’s still having mostly diarrhea again, am thinking that the yeast killed by the HBOT are rupturing and releasing toxins. Hopefully we’ll be through that soon. Everything I can find online indicates that after the first 10 visits or so, the yeast issues are done. Tonight is number 9.

I ordered a cool laptop lunchbox for Dominic for this summer and next year. I wanted something that wouldn’t require a bunch of baggies, or involve smushed sandwiches. Next trick will be coming up with a variety of Gluten, casein, and soy free meals that have a good protein component and can be eaten cold. We’re going to try a GF pasta salad and a GF potato salad next week. If he likes those, either could have shredded meat added. One day a week will be sunbutter and jelly on GFCF bread.

It feels like we’ve gone from winter straight to summer this week. I just pulled out all Dominic’s long pants and filled the drawer with shorts. He’s still wearing most of the 3T shorts from last summer… even though in long pants he’s a 6. He was a bit distressed over the whole shorts thing this morning, but got over it quickly. He still won’t wear a tank top tho. They completely offend him.

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