Thursday, May 27, 2010

handwriting, parent meeting, and OT, Oh My.

At the very end of preschool, his teacher sent home a handwriting sample... basically, they write his name in a highlighter and the idea is for him to trace it. 5 times on a piece of lined school paper. On the sample from 5-17, 3 of those 5 were hand over hand and 2 were 100% independent. The feedback we got was that he concentrated REALLY hard to do it.

SO I took that to OT last night and our therapist was OVER THE MOON excited. Very suprised because she's been having a hard time getting him to do lines down and across independently. So she promptly went to try and see if he would generalize the skill and do it for her. And he did. She also commented that he talked his tail off all session, and in a back and forth conversational way. Which is exciting.

Also yesterday was our monthly parents meeting at Alpine. Its not our imagination, May has been a good month. All of Dominic's behavior issues went down noticably enough for them to remark on it. His programs are proceeding along. We talked about this summer, and we're going to continue to focus on the basics until he gets some mastery before moving on - colors, shapes, and letters. I did ask her to add in some handwriting to his fine motor so we can keep that skill progressing. She has not run the numbers yet for May for verbals, but will in a few weeks.

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