Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Roundup…. it was busy

This weekend was really busy for us, AND the first real (eg, more than an hour) road trip we’ve taken with Dominic in well over a year.

Friday, he had HBOT after Alpine, and then came home, had dinner, and went to bed.

Saturday, he had HBOT at 1pm, then came home, and we had a cookout with 15 dinner guests. He did great for the cookout, some good interactions with our guests. Played well, ate beautifully. Our friend Jen actually heard him say “NO” when I told him to come inside – she looked at me and said “is that Sass??”. Yeah. It is. He was in bed fairly close to his normal bedtime tho.

Sunday, we had planned to drive up to Estes park to go to a wedding with a friend who stayed over Saturday night. Apparently she came out of the bathroom and completely surprised Dominic while he was eating breakfast. Dominic did great for the car ride both ways (3 hours each direction) and about as well as we could’ve expected asking him to sit still for an hour long wedding, outside, with all sorts of other distractions. He was squirmy, but no loud squealing, and no tears so we called it successful. He did fine at the reception, ate his weight in food (on a side note, the chef had NO problem making us some un-buttered rice – amazing what they do when you tell them you have a kid with a food allergy. I’m convinced they all immediately think anaphylactic), and did some dancing with the band. It was cute. He stayed awake all the way home, too, which was a surprise. We basically gave him his bath and put him to bed when we got home and it was about an hour after bedtime.

Monday the plan was to relax in the morning and then go over to a friends for a cookout in the afternoon. Then Rod was going to teach a class in the evening. Dominic normally loves this friends house because of the chicken coop. This time, he was just frustrated, and scared of the coop, and refused to interact, and cranky. I think it was just too many days in a row out of routine.

Today is his last day off before full days start at Alpine. It will be a good thing, but likely a shock to his system, so we’ll see how it all shakes out. We have HBOT today, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week. Friday night, we are taking off of HBOT to attend dream night at the zoo again since last years was so much fun.
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This week also marks the beginning of the supplement phase down. It'll be interesting to see how it goes...

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