Sunday, June 20, 2010

The detoxing... off the charts...

The last 3 nights in a row Dominic has been so sweaty at 10pm when he gets up to use the bathroom that his pj's have WET SPOTS along his back and chest. His pillow cases are soaked.

Both Thursday and Friday in the HBOT chamber (in a 65 degree room, mind you), he sweated so much that the entire inside of the chamber had a layer of condensation on it. (this is a new phenomenon, until this week, it was only the windows that were getting a bit of condensation)

We went ahead and picked up a nutreval test which we'll do the week he's off school in July. We haven't done one in about 18 months, and what we're hoping to show is that we can start reducing the frequency of the B12 shots. Right now we're at 3x a week. I'd like to drop it to 2 and eventually to 1. We're also going to do another post provocative urine metals test (we've now finished a whole bottle of NDF+ and it'll be interesting to see how everything is looking). I'm hoping to be able to phase out the zinc and lithium, too. Goal is to get him down to where he's just taking a good multivitamin, fish oil and probiotics. As long as the detoxing is this significant, he'll be on liver support. and we'll keep detoxing (hbot, cytoflora, and ndf+) until he stops the night sweating.

His gut appears to be healing. He's not having diarrhea nearly as often (its still there tho, especially if he holds it all day and doesn't go at Alpine), and his poop doesn't look yeasty anymore. We aren't having yeast die off behaviors after HBOT anymore either. (we did for at least the first 20 sessions, which from what i've seen online is much longer than average). He's off almost all the antifungals (only one left is MCT oil, which is very gentle), and we'll probably come off that one too here shortly.

his daily reports from Alpine continue to show his verbal attempts per 90min session to be between 120 and 150 (in April, they were shooting for 80... in May they were shooting for 100, so once we get the average back, I am guessing its going to be another nice jump_

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