Wednesday, June 16, 2010

more tidbits...

Dominic is sleeping peacefully on his new twin bed, with the CARS sheets Daddy bought him today. No problems at all transitioning him to the twin bed from the queen futon.

Said futon has been drying (it was damp. lovely) and i just vacuumed the heck out of it. I got 90% of the white moldy looking stuff. It's going byebye, but i still feel like we should make an effort to clean it.

I have a witness to Dominic speaking in short sentances. He's been doing it at HBOT all week while sitting in the infrared sauna - he likes to play by unzipping the hand slot and sticking his foot out for me to tickle. Generally when I tickle him, I say "i'm gonna get you..." which is followed by hysterical giggling on his part. So he's been sticking his foot out and saying "igetchoo". Mr B at HBOT is a witness. Today Mr B left the room for a phone call, and I would just about swear Dominic said "Where is He"

all very gobbledegook, but its coming.

His therapist today made mention of his free operants just shooting up on the graph crazily, so again, going to be super interested to see June data. I know today he had 147 FOP's in 1 90minute session. For Reference, in April, he was struggling to get 80.

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