Wednesday, June 16, 2010

and now for something completely unrelated to Dominic....

So, years ago, when we first put our chain link fence up, we put it up along the same line as the old, falling down, wood fence. LAter the neighbor behind us told us there was an easement and he didn't have a fence on his property line, but that the middle area belonged to the city.

That man died several years ago, and a young couple has lived behind us for about 2 years now. They have decided to enclose their yard with a privacy fence.

Fast forward to yesterday. Rod caught the husband CUTTING DOWN our hops vines growing on our fence. They had a verbal altercation. Husband didn't apologize. Rod called me furious that we'd lost about 80% of our beautiful, lush vines.

I have BABIED those hops. And they RIPPED them down. This does not please me.

So, I called the city, and got the real estate office (who knew we had a real estate office) to check the plans. There is a 12ft utility easement - 6ft on either side of the property line. The woman advised we have a survey done. I schedule the survey for this morning. Last night I went over and suggested to the wife that they stop working on the fence while we figured out where the property line was, and told her the whole easement story. At least she apologized for our vines being decimated. anyway, survey says... our backyard is acutally 8 feet deeper than we thought. Which means the fence they wanted to butt up against ours, will be going 8 feet into their yard. I'm sure they will not be pleased, but we had it done by an independent surveyer. We're getting some quotes to move our fence, i'm pretty sure we won't be able to afford them, but we may at least take down the chain link if we can ensure the yard would be fully sealed once they put up their new fence.

And i would've NEVER bothered calling the city (or paying for a surveyor to mark the property line) had they not ripped down my vines.....

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Gemma said...

They probably didn't know they were hops vines, and thought they were just "weeds", but STILL, I can only imagine how angry (and hurt) you were. Silly people. Well, good fences and all that, once the big fence is up and you don't have to see them anymore.

And then you'll end up with 6 feet of more yard to grow stuff in ;)