Tuesday, June 15, 2010

this and that

Sunday, I got to meet DaMomma (www.damomma.com) and ended up needed to take Dominic with me as Rod had another commitment pop up. Since I knew that starbucks would have NOTHING he could drink, we stopped at Jamba Juice and got him an all fruit smoothie. He did SO well sitting at Starbucks while I visited with DaMomma. He actually interacted nicely – he sat with them while I got my drink, answered a couple of questions, and generally did good. Towards the end, he got squirrelly, but I’m sure he was completely bored.

Monday, Alpine finally got him to poop there. It only took gummi bears and thinking he was alone (they prop the stall door open instead of giving privacy, so she closed the stall door and then opened/closed the outside door so he’d think she’d left. And waitied, then opened and closed it again and asked if he was all done. And he was. ) so that’s a relief.

And OMG, Mold. We found MOLD on the underside of Dominic’s futon Mattress. Cue panic attack (Mold can be a contributor to all kinds of immune and neurological issues). Dominic’s gradutating from a futon to a twin bed very soon. Tomorrow while he’s at school, probably (we’re picking it up tonight, thank you Tiffany for happening to have a bed getting ready to go to Craigslist…)

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