Friday, June 11, 2010

May Data Graph. Not our imagination.

So I sat down and graphed the data from May. Its interesting, over the past several months, I’ve specifically graphed 4 data points from each type of verbal attempt per month. Human nature and alll, I’ve done my best to make sure they were from better days.

So this time I realized that Alpine has been giving us daily averages, too, for each month, and thought it would be interesting to see what that looked like.

And WOW, can you tell a big difference in MAY in all the areas. Remember, the only change we made in May was to add HBOT. And at the end of May we were only completely 11 or so sessions.

Check them out:

Tacts are labelling. I've noticed spontaneous labelling going THROUGH THE ROOF the past week or so at home. Specifically, now when we read a book at bedtime, Dominic will label pretty much everything on the page without having to have me say it first. HUGE shift. HUGE.

Manding is requesting.

This last one is Free Operant pairings - FOP's are any verbal attempt

Its not just our imagination, we are seeing good things!

(even with the occasional meltdown)

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