Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bad Day and May Stat's....

Dominic had a really rough day today - he's developed a bit of a phobia about pooping anywhere but home and I got an email from Alpine that they could tell he had to go but was refusing.... I tried when I got there to no avail. He had a totally swollen tummy, too. And he was MAD that we kept trying to get him to go.

So we were scheduled for HBOT after Alpine. I got Dominic in the car to realize that he'd had his worms (the fricking things that i'm starting to hate) in the pocket of his backpack that has holes in it (duct taping commencing) and he was missing 2. He threw a fit in the car. We get to the HBOT parking lot and he refuses to get out. I have to manhandle him to get him into the bathroom there, where he throws himself on the floor demanding WORMS. I tell him we're getting ready to go see Mr B (the HBOT operator he adores) and he cheers up. We head in there, only to discover that Mr B is in Denver and its his wife - who we'd never med - running the show today. Dominic's face FELL and he went into full blown meltdown.

AFter much grinding and gnashing of teeth, i manhandled him back into the car and we came home, where he rushed inside and locked himself in the bathroom. I have a headache now. And he's watching Dora.


In Dominic's bag were the stat's for May. I don't have time to graph them, but the numbers were like this

Spontaneous MAnds (requests) (avg per day): April - 43 May - 61
Spontaneous tacts (labels) (avg per day): April - 14 May - 20
Free Operant Pairs (verbal attempt) (avg per day): April - 151 May - 180

His behavior issues also went down, and he did well on a number of programs.

June will be very interesting.

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