Wednesday, June 9, 2010

20 visits into HBOT… 21 to go (in this round)

And we’re making great strides.

Dominic seems to be ramping up on another round of detoxing. Remember, his normal detoxing mechanism has been his skin 0- every time we ramped up with curcumin, liver life, cytoflora, and NDF, he’s had massive night sweats. He’s been drenched in sweat at night the last few weels and yesterday he was VERY sweaty in the HBOT chamber. I knew it was steamy in there when my glasses wouldn’t stop fogging up… but the comment our HBOT dude made after we got out was that Dominic was sweating at a level he’s not only never seen in a 43lb child, but at a level equal with a cancer patient detoxing chemo.

My theory is that he’s got yeast at a cellular level in his body, and because yeast are anaerobic, each new cell that is over oxygenated by HBOT has to have the yeast die off and be detoxed out. And given that every HBOT session, the oxygen goes a bit deeper… every session we get more detoxing done. That would also explain why we’re still seeing the behavioral and poop signs of yeast die off.

I’m on pins and needles waiting for the May report from Alpine. We should see it this week or next. What I can say is that the April report said he was still struggling to master 80 verbal attempts per session, and we’ve been regularly seeing now 100-120 per session in the daily communication log. We’ve also been getting reports of lots of tacting (labeling) which is exciting because those’ve been really low numbers.

Dominic’s SPED teacher for next year got to visit Alpine today, and she will go back the end of the summer with the para that will be working with Dominic. She really enjoyed seeing the kinds of reinforcers he like (mostly toys and water, we’ve been lucky to mostly stay away from food based). In talking with her, it sounds like half of his mornings will be spent in the regular kindergarten room and the other half will be spend in the SPED resource room. We’ll see how it all pans out.

Our current plan is still to stay with Alpine through next summer, and then in first grade to have him entirely with the school district. We did some playing with numbers last night, and believe we can do another 2 rounds of 40 HBOT visits after the current one if he needs it. It’s a really good thing I can stretch a dollar until it begs for mercy.

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