Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dreamnight at the Zoo, 2010

The zoo was great fun. It'd been a while since we'd gone (we had to let our membership go this year, just weren't able to renew it).

We decided to avoid the throng of people who started at the giraffes and go backwards this year. That meant We were first to ride the horses. no line. yay!

He has NO attitude at all. None. Really.

After the horses, we saw the peacock. All was well with the world until the peacock sqawked, and Dominic screamed and jumped a foot. It was actually really funny.

After the peacock incident, we had some dinner (hotdogs, nothing exciting), and proceeded to play with the skunk. It took Dominic a bit of time to get comfortable, but he really enjoyed petting her. And she was mightily curious about the maggots in his hand (the ever present glow in the dark things he loves)

On our way to see the otters and bears, we found the moose in his pond.

We spent some time with the otters and then headed for the grizzlies. They gave us a good show - apparently they get frisky in the evening. Here's one hanging out with Dominic. Big feet.

We meandered down the hill and saw a nice volunteer bottle feeding an 8 month old wallaby. (looks like a small kangaroo)

By the Elephants, there was a car to get in.

But the motorcyle was not NEARLY as interesting

He got to be all by himself this year for the train ride (since by this point, everyone else was mobbing the ponies)

The meerkats were hilarious, as usual.

And no visit to the zoo is complete without feeding the giraffes.

Overall, a good time. And this year, the zoo got t-shirts in kids sizes. Amazing concept...

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