Sunday, July 18, 2010

halfway through our HBOT break...

And things are still smooth.

Dominic's gut is still behaving.... we thought it was regressing last week with a day of diarrhea but that turned out to just be one day and I believe it was an immune response to a crud I had. So... he's now had normal poop longer than any other time in the last year. Today it looked a little yeastie, Rod said, so we'll see what tomorrow looks like. Today was 9 days since the last HBOT session and we have 9 more days to go before our next one.

We're seeing a lot more independent appropriate play - expecially with his cars. Right this second, he's got his MAC the truck outside and is driving it along the deck railing. Speech has probably dipped a bit, but he's still doing so well compared to where we were in April / May, that i'm not too concerned.

Colors it seems like he's finally turned a corner on. At least with red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and orange. He - for us at least - is now generalizing those colors pretty much whenever asked. Pink and Brown are still a problem. NExt large hurdle - shapes.

Dominic's got 2 more weeks of full days at Alpine and then back to half days in August.

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