Sunday, July 4, 2010

Random things that i've heard come out of Dominic's mouth the last few days...

On Friday, at HBOT - he was in the sauna, and i took his glittery ball out of his backpack to give to him and he said... kid you not "put ball backpack NOW". Mr B and I looked at each other with very raised eyebrows.

Earlier today while looking for his worms.,.. "Worms whereisit coming. " (i didn't say it was going to make sense...)

When asking for a movie earlier "Hound Fox copper" (copper is the name of the hound...)

Frequently, while standing in front of an open freezer "ass cube" (seriously. he means Ice cube. but thats not how it comes out and I want to laugh every time)

At Alpine Friday - while playing some bizarre game where an elephant snorts butterflies out its trunk for the catching, some butterflies got stuck and Dominic apparently yelled "come out"

Really cool stuff. We're on the right track people. And we are now on day 4 in a row of no supplements at all. The blood draw, tho, got moved from Tomorrow morning, to Wednesday morning (we found out late Friday), which means that we'll be sans supp's 6 full days. We are seeing more hyperactivity/stimming and moodiness, but still doing good on focus. No brain fog. no diarrhea. We're thinking his gut is finally back to a decent place. Lots of playing with his cars and motorcycles - having crashes, having races. Good stuff.

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