Wednesday, July 7, 2010

bringing together the puzzle pieces

Because sometimes you have to understand all the bits and pieces (ha, puzzle pieces) of how you got there to figure out how to get back. And all Kids are different. And i'm sure i'll be updating this as we find more bits and pieces that it makes sense to bring in.

GUT Stuff

Yeast Diaper rash

Treated w/Nystatin, Diflucan, GSE, then herbal antiparasitic (Black Walnut)

Leaky Gut (confirmed via Red blood cells in stool test)

Irritable Bowel Disease (confirmed via lysozome and lactoferrin levels in stool test)


Virginia Creeper berry poisoning – 31 months

Treated w/Activated Charcoal

Eye Poking Stim

Treated w/Hibiscus tea / went away


Measles titers 3x what they should be (suspect vaccine crossed blood brain barrier via leaky gut during an IBD flare, and took up residence in the brain)

Influenza – this was the trigger for the first and second documented regressions

Treated apparently active virus with viral protocol – garlic, goldenseal, skullcap and olive leaf tinctures in an olive oil base rubbed on his feet nightly for 3 months, as well as ingested 10 drops 2x per day. Since this protocol, additional virus’s have NOT caused regression.


Discovered mold on futon mattress that Dominic slept on from 18 months to 5y4mo. Mold and yeast and heavy metal toxicity are all intertwined. Removed the futon, will be requesting mold testing from the DAN doctor and asking about Cholestyramine


What’s worked: GFCFSF diet. Nutritional supplementation. Antifungals, Antinflammatories, Antivirals. Hibiscus tea. Probiotics. Cytoflora, Liverlife, NDF+, HBOT, ABA Therapy

What hasn’t worked: Chelation w/DMPS. Chelation w/OSR. Biofilm Protocol

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