Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation week roundup

Overall, we had a nice vacation week from work for me, and Alpine for Dominic....

- The speech eval from Tuesday isn't back to us in report form yet, but I pinned down the ST and talked with her some. She said scoring wise, Dominic is right under the 2 year mark, and the only thing holding him under that mark is she didn't hear (in the first hour she'd seen him for a year...) enough 2 and 3 word phrases. I think he's probably past that line, because we're hearing them, but he does need to generalize. Overall, she was really pleased with how his labeling and vocabulary are.

- We finished our 40th (well 41st including the free one) round of HBOT and are now taking a break for a few weeks. We'll start another 40 the week of July 26th, but we're only going to do 3 a week.

- The one week break from supplements wasn't too bad for Dominic. He was moodier than usual. We started supplementation back up on Wednesday, and we did not start the GI revive back up because in the week off, he didn't have any diarrhea. So now he's on a MultiVitamin, probiotics, fish oil, MCT oil (mild antifungal), GABA (neurotransmitter support), Zinc, Lithium, Melatonin, Cytoflora, liverlife, NDF+ and TMG. The TMG is new, and is supposed to help with speech. we'll give it a shot for a few weeks and see if we see improvements. When we finish this bottle of NDF+, I think we'll take a break from it.

- We sent off blood and urine tests to Doctors Data and Genova Diagnostics. We should have results from both back for our August 11 appointment with Dr K.

- Dominic did great at playdate on Thursday - he interacted with kids, didn't run off, didn't melt down, ate a picnic, and generally did really well. I was very pleased. He also did great at a bbq last night - talked a lot, jumped in a pond (so glad we carry a spare set of clothes in the car...), petted a lot of dogs, and generally had a good time.

- We've been working really hard on making Dominic say "I Want ___" instead of just doing a one word demand. ITs coming. We're cueing the I and the Want.

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