Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Appointment update....

Overall, today's appointment was pretty good. Dominic was much more engaged with the doctor / nutritionist than they ever remembered seeing. They were thrilled. We reviewed the NutrEval test that we'd done, and since we did it w/removing all sup's its going to serve as our new baseline. Its improved overall since the baseline test we did 18 months ago.

Of note, we're upping his antioxidents - we've added glutathione again, this time we're trying transdermal. That should be interesting, but it was SUCH a fight to get the nasty tasting liposomal glutathione in him that we'll see how this does. we're adding Vitamin E and CoQ10. WE're also upping Lysine, an amino acid and adding back in Vit D drops. And we're restarting Curcumin and increasing our Cytoflora from 2 droppersful 2x per day to 4-5 droppersful 2x per day.

We have lab orders for a mold test. If he comes back positive, its likely that we'll go on a prescription antifungal instead of just the naturals. Not sure how long that would be. But we'll jump off that bridge if we have to.

THey nixed the Vital Earth vitamin switch, and took us off the trace min Zinc, both because they aren't pure enough. So, we're sticking w/VitaSpectrum for a multi, and going back to New Beginnings zinc. Added in copper, too.

We will trial Chelex starting whenever we run out of NDF+ in Septemberish. Very low doses, and very slowly - 1 cap 3x a week. We've never had DMSA, but we had EDTA in the Biofilm enzyme protocol an and I don't know whether it was the enzymes or the ETDA that shredded Dominic's gut, so we will be supervigilent. We've never had ala, but we have had the remainder of ingredients. We'll see how it goes. I told the doctor if we see brain fog, we're stopping immediately.

We will trial DMG after everything else is stabilized. (since TMG didn't work so well for us) I'm guessing its going to take until October to get everything worked in.

We've also got a saliva test to do for his adrenals. I may cry uncle on that because he's not good w/the whole spitting thing. We may ask to do it via blood instead.

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