Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Notes for discussison w/School

I've been keeping a list of things to discuss as the school year begins, and have started dialogue w/Dominic's SPED about these things:

Food –
-Allergies: Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Peanuts, preservatives (nitrates and sulfates)
-Will it be possible for his aide to use a microwave a few times a week or will we need to plan on 100% cold food meals?
-Did we decide if we were keeping a few cupcakes at school for parties, or if you guys got enough notice that you could have us send one in that day?
-Snack will be sent in every day. You can essentially let him pick anything he wants out of his lunchbag for snack.
-At lunch time, will he have an adult aide? At Alpine, we’ve been having them encourage him to eat his protein and veg before his starch/fruit, and would like that to continue.
-Please know that you won’t send him into an anaphylactic reaction if he accidently gets any of these allergens, but you will be scraping him off the ceiling within a half an hour. What works to neutralize such a reaction is Activated Charcoal, and I’d be happy to supply a bottle. Would you require a doctor’s note/instruction to administer on an as needed basis?

Schedule –
-He’ll come in on the bus, does that mean that someone will walk him directly to the classroom, or will he have to wait outside without an adult? Is there an aide on the bus, do you by chance know?
-We will pick him up right at 12pm each day. Where should we come to get him – office? Sped room? Classroom? What kind of checkout procedures should we plan on (eg, how much time should we budget)? Only on the few days that Alpine is closed and D11 is open will he be there all day.
-I’d like to plan to come observe him in the classroom on Tuesday, Sept 7. Whats the best way to coordinate that?

Communication –
-We really like using a communication binder - looking for literally a sentence telling me how he did that day, if there were any big Wow’s, or any behavioral issues. There will be a binder for Audobon (and spots for updates from speech, OT, and SPED) and a binder for Alpine living in his backpack, and I’d encourage you to feel free to look at Alpine’s binder at any time.
-I’ve completed paperwork allowing you specifically to be able to communicate directly with Alpine regarding Dominic. I would appreciate being kept on the Cc list of emails, but wanted you and she to have the flexibility to communicate directly

Reinforcers –
-Let me know if you want to use food based reinforcers for Dominic and we’ll provide (he does all sorts of things for a potato chip, but we have to be careful what brands). We have recently discovered he can do his colors if what he’s identifying are the colors of gummi bears. So we’re working hard to get him to generalize that.

Speech / OT
-Please see recent standardized tests (yearly evals from the Child Development Center).
-For Speech, something very interesting has just come up in our conversations with Alpine – we are suspecting Apraxia of Speech (when he is asked to repeat a word, for example, WINDOW, he will frequently get all the syllables out, but in the wrong order, for example, OwWinD.). We are right now trying to chase down who could formally diagnose / clarify this for us, but in the mean time, we want to make sure the ST is aware.

-Please confirm Audobon does not use restraint / seclusion – it’s a huge national hotbutton issue and so far everyone in D11 has sworn its not done. Just making sure.

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