Tuesday, August 31, 2010

couple of tidbits

Its been a rough week, but I wanted to throw out a few things so I don’t forget them when it comes time to review the quarter for our dr. appt.

- Dominic had a behavior flare last week, specifically including biting and pinching himself and crossing his arms/closing his eyes instead of doing what he’s asked. It doesn’t correspond to the addition of any specific supplements and we are theorizing that it was the result of a big schedule change – adding D11 back. Friday and Monday, his behavior was much improved, so we think we’re good.

- Dominic had a lot of babysitting the last few days. On Sunday, when I came home, he was playing trains with our babysitter from across the street. Actively playing. And he then gave said babysitter a big hug and kiss, then literally put both hand on his butt and pushed him out the door. Very cute. When we came home last night from the Alpine golf dinner thing, our babysitter said that he’d been super chatty. Always nice to hear.

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