Saturday, August 21, 2010

A sensory seekers HEAVEN (aka, we went to the amusement park)

So a few weeks ago, we got a letter from the Starlight folks inviting the whole family up to the North Pole free on 8-21. Free is a Good Thing. (We've been on the starlight mailing list now for a couple of years. they do good things).

Neither Rod or I had ever been there, so had NO clue what to expect. Lots of fun. Turns out Dominic LOVES amusement park rides. We went on almost all of them. By we, I mean Dominic and I. Rod went on a couple, but got really queasy after the Tilt A Whirl, so that pretty much did us in. (I remember Tilt A Whirls from fairs from my childhood. SUCH fun. ).

Dominic and I did the Ferris Wheel, A couple of swingy things that went really fast, the space ship. Rod did the Roller coaster with him, and Dominic did a bunch of little kid rides by himself. We all got on the tilt a whirl and the spinning saucers.

So, we'll be watching for the little freebie fliers that come sometimes - buy one get one free (considering it would usually be $18/per person.....) and maybe we'll go again next summer. Lots of fun.

Here're a few pictures. I was generally busy riding, so didn't get as many pictures as we could've.

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