Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And, I’m behind on blogging AGAIN.

So, busy couple of days.

Monday after Alpine, I took Dominic to meet the ONE psychologist in the entire city who takes our insurance and was willing to talk IQ testing with us. She totally gets the reasoning behind wanting said testing (to keep him on the CES Waiver wait list), understands we are distinctly NOT looking for any sort of diagnosis, and says it’ll be no problem to get his testing to come back under 70. She actually suspects that he’ll be non responsive to most of the questions (which I agree with, he doesn’t know her), so he’ll get zero’s. I’m to bring copies of everything recent I have that has testing scores on it and we will see her for the formal testing bit on Aug 31.

Monday morning the school bus driving came by on a dry run, and not only would Dominic not go see the bus, he started to cry and told her BYE. Not the reaction we expected.

Tuesday, I was also off work, and all three of us went over to visit Dominic’s new elementary school. We met with his SPED teacher, his one on one aide, classroom teacher, and speech therapist. Looks like it’ll be a solid team. We spent a good hour over there trying to get him acclimated at least to the aide who’ll be working so closely with him. His schedule will be something like this:
Bus picks him up at 7:30am
Aide meets him at bus, and takes him to the kindergarten playground.
Bell rings 5-10minutes later and he goes into the kindergarten room with his peers.
Goes to “specials” with kindergarten class (Gym and Music alternating days. Next semester it’ll be art instead of music)
After specials, he’ll be pulled out to the SPED room to spend some time working on his goals. They specifically mentioned they’d like to get him to the point where he’d work independently for 15 minutes (on a puzzle for example. I said “yeah, good luck”)
He’ll go back into the Kindergarten room for story time and he’ll work on his goals there once a day as well (for generalization).
Twice a week, he’ll work directly with the speech teacher, and I’m not sure where that will occur.
Aide will take him to lunch about 11:35 (his peers will follow 10 minutes later),
Aide will hand him off to Daddy at the double doors at 12pm.

This morning getting him on the bus was rough – I got him up at 6 on the nose, had him sitting down and eating at 6:45, and ready for the bus by 7:25. Rod put him on the bus (I had to run to work as soon as Rod got home from his 6am class), and he said there was much sadness and a few tears (on the part of both of them). Oddly enough, this is the first time he’s been transported anywhere without a family member transporting. (and he’s only ridden with someone other that one of us like 3 times. Ever)

He had a good first day at school. They said he interacted well with his peers, and he was super happy to see Rod when he got there to pick him up at noon. He only picked at his lunch, tho, so Rod fed him the rest in the car.

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Kate said...

Sounds like you couldn't have asked for a better first day!! I hope he contintues enjoying school this much and that the bus rides gets easier as he gets more used to them :)