Monday, August 16, 2010

reminders we're in a different reality

Lots of little things lately reminding me that we are living a different reality than most of our friends who have kids Dominic's age.

- in talking with a coworker last week about the pros and con's of letting kids play unsupervised in the front yard... i made the point that Dominic can't even tell someone his first name if he were to get lost (much less a phone number...). (we're working really hard on just his first name, but right now its nowhere near consistent with people he knows, much less those he doesn't). My coworker flinched.

- in talking with another friend about Dominic's school bus - when she realized he'll be on the short bus, with door to door service, her instinct was to say "oh no". My instinct is purely relief that he'll be door to doored, because there's simply no way we'd let him walk to a bus stop...

- in getting ready for school, I've got all the classroom supplies, plus signed doctors note to allow the school to administer charcoal as needed, most recent OT and ST evaluations for the school OT and ST to have as copies, recent ABA program statuses for the SPED coordinator, pencil holding thingy to help his grip, gummy bears and potato chips as reinforcers and 6 frozen GFCF cupcakes for those days when other students have birthdays so he can participate.

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