Friday, October 29, 2010

Notes for Next week Dr Kucera appointment

High points summary –

When school started, Dominic had a major yeast flare (D11 was reinforcing with a lot of candy), so instead of starting Chelex in September, we started the DMG while we implemented the yeast protocol. We got him de-sugared and de-yeasted relatively painlessly. We did not see a change in his stools, just his behaviors (giggles and complete loss of eye contact / focus that resolved when charcoal was given)

Shortly after our last appointment I got an email from Bioray that was a little interview of one of their customer service reps. This statement from it blew me out of the water:

“Tami works remotely from Iowa and claims that the most interesting thing she learned this year was at Autism One, where Dr. Theoharides explained that mast cell activation can be confirmed by red moles that get inflamed when you rub them”

The little red mole on Dominics hand gets inflamed when rubbed. In talking with Bioray, we learned that Dr T. was putting together a supplement that would include Quercitin and olivn oil (and luteolin and rutin). That supplement was only released 10-11, so we went ahead and added Quercitin back in and added olive oil. What is your opinion on his new supplement Neuro-Protek

DMG was started mid-September. We definitely saw an increase in verbals, mostly in his vocabulary (tacting/labeling). And a decrease in babbling. No bad side effects from the DMG.
Question: Can we increase dosage to 250mg per day? We’re at 125mg per day

Chelex was started 10/4 at 1cap 3x a week. We immediately had a new stim (the day after the first capsule, literally) of self-choking. It is not going away, tho it has diminished some since it started. Compliance has also been significantly impacted. It makes him very constipated and we now give him prunes every single morning in order to get him to poop at all each day (even with prunes, he has to push and strain noticeably). Dominic is now dragging his foot as a stim as well, and we’ve tried changing him to high top / tied shoes to improve that without any luck. His sleep patterns have changed, and he’s now waking up 1-2 times more per night, and is frequently up for the day as early as 4:30am

The heavy sweating we were so concerned about in August actually is no longer occurring. It stopped when we stopped giving him NDF+. My theory is that the detox from the NDF+ in addition to the HBOT was the cause for the heavy sweating. He hasn’t soaked his pajama’s or pillow in at least 2 months. This combined with the out of pocket cost kept us from doing the saliva test.

~we want another nutra-eval to do early January
~Dominic’s done so well with HBOT that we’re going to do another intense round before we go to maintenance.

Speech trending (October is only data from the first 3 weeks - I'll republish w/final numbers after we get the Oct report)

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