Monday, November 29, 2010

Bullet points...

- we had a very nice Thanksgiving week, with Uncle Dennis and Aunt Maria coming to visit for a few days. Dominic did overall pretty well with the massive intrusion on his environment. It was actually pretty suprising - about 6pm on Thanksgiving, he finished his dinner, and took himself downstairs - put on his pj's, brushed his teeth and said goodnight. No bath. A good hour early. We were a bit concerned it would mean either he was sick or he'd be up super early on Friday. Neither was the case, he was just tired.

- We started NeuroProtek last night. I couldn't get him to swallow the capsule, so its another gel cap we'll be puncturing and squeezing out. We'll start out at 1 capsule day for the first week, and then proceed to 1 capsule 2x a day next week.

- We had an Alpine parent meeting on Wednesday. The self choking behavior is gone. Yay! It took a week or so after stopping the chelator, but it hasn't been seen yet. Verbals are moving up and non compliance is going down. So a good month.

- Today is Dominic's first day with his new Para at school. Hopefully that went well.

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