Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Virtual Holiday Letter

Happy Holidays!

This year has been up and down for us… We’re so glad you’ve come to the blog, and if its your first visit, we hope you’ll continue to check in. This is where we chronicle our daily ups and downs with Dominic.

We seem to finally be on the right track as far as Dominic’s therapy goes – the combination of ABA therapy with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has made a huge difference. Dominic still has a long way to go – and we’re still searching for anything that might help make that a bit easier for him – but we are moving in the right direction. We did learn this summer that pulling him off all the supplements is a bad idea. Won’t be doing that again. He’s in kindergarten with the local school district in the mornings, and after some juggling of their resources, appears to be progressing there as well. He’s growing like a weed.

This was a sad year for Rod, as his oldest brother passed away unexpectedly in August. He continues to teach in the fitness industry – yoga, tai chi, pilates, spin, and has expanded this year with teaching a circuit training class. We’ve been very grateful that his flexible schedule has permitted him to be able to take Dominic to various therapies throughout the week. Recently, he’s started training to be referee with a local professional wrestling organization, ACW, and is having a wonderful time.

Joy is still employed by Verizon, and has now been with the company for 13 years. She’s doing implementation and project management for the Verizon Financial Network, and has been extremely busy this year. With all the time she’s spent in a hyperbaric chamber with Dominic this year, she’s really glad to have a library card and has resumed her earlier in life habits of devouring murder mysteries.

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MargieK said...

Hi Joy!

We miss you at the T-Tapp boards (well *I* do, anyway).

I like hearing how your family's doing. My sister's son -- who just turned 5 -- has some developmental delays, not all the same symptoms as Dom, but many similarities. He takes meds for epilepsy, had his first seizures about 2 years ago, but was very non-verbal before that. He's finally getting some special help (they live in VA). I can't help but wonder how much better he might be doing if they had done more of the extra things you're doing.

Have a great Holiday!

Margie K