Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Bullet Points...

Which I wont' publish for another week or three, I want the virtual xmas letter staying at the top until all my cards are out.

School District:
Dominic seems to be doing much better under the stricter guidelines of his new para. Our Sped let us know that the K classroom teacher had in fact come by to specifically say how much better he was doing in the classroom.

We had a meeting with our SPED to review the verbal data for the last 6 or so weeks - definately on an upswing, and actually it was even before we switched para's. It was the behavioral training issue that was the clincher for the school district in switching para's.

Dominic threw up the first Friday of December and we had to go pick him up.It was a short lived tummy thing, however, while they cleaned it up and waiting for me to get there, he repeatedly said he was sorry. Sowwy actually. Cutest thing.

We had our ALpine parents meeting on 12-17. Dominic has overall had a much better month behaviorally. Verbals are averaging roughly the same as November. But... he really didn't say anything the day he was sick, so that kind of blows the average.

Dominic can swallow pills now!!!!!!! This means I don't have to either open capsule and empty them, OR cut holes into gelcaps and squeeze out the contents... or morter/pestle tablets. This is SO cool. He's not swallowing them with liquid, but inside some applesauce. Very big step.

Dominic did great at my office xmas party. he stayed pretty close to us the first half, and by the end had warmed up and was playing with the other kids. Everyone noticed how much he's grown in the last year

November Data
We got the November CSMR from Alpine and data looks good. Behaviours were back under control, compliance significantly improved, and verbals were slightly above October. Given the numbers that are coming back on the daily reports in December, I'm excited to see the December CSMR....

Things I have removed from the fish tank this month:
Baby Carrot
GFCF pasta
Crayons (2 of them)
Toy dinosaur

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