Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Melting, I'm Melting....

So, our general routine on days when we have HBOT (which for the remainder of this month is 6 days a week, we've been on intensive now for about a month) is that I pick Dominic up at Alpine, drive to HBOT, use the bathroom, jump in the FIR Sauna at 5 for 20 minutes, use the bathroom again, then get into the HBOT chamber for an hour.

Up to this week, the HBOT chamber was a comfortable room temperature. In previous rounds of HBOT (remember, this is our 3rd round of 40), we would regularly have sessions where Dominic for whatever reason got very sweaty (frequently as a result of being a wiggleworm) and the inside of the chamber would get a good amount of condensation on it.

So yesterday - and today both - we followed our routine to the letter. And the chamber got unbearably hot. With him being ridiculously still. We're talking, getting out of the chamber with both of our hair being wet. Today (mind you, its been arctic in CO), I actually texted Mr B to turn on the AC about 15 minutes into our chamber time, and when he came into the room his eyes got all wide at how RED my face was. It was insane.

Today Dominic hit a new record at Alpine for verbal attempts. In December, he was averaging 240ish a day. Today, he hit 382. I believe this is the first time he's been over 300, an my did he shatter it. It will be interesting to see how he does tomorrow, I'm wondering if we haven't shattered a detox ceiling or something. I heard him say, repeatedly "Take it off, sock, Please" while in the Sauna today - first time I've heard the phrase "take it off" come out of his mouth.

So good things.

Unfortunately, the end of January is the end of our intensive HBOT sessions - solely for financial reasons we will be going to a once a week maintenance. Unless I can make it rain money.

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