Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This and that

Today Dominic is back to his new regular routine of school in the morning, therapy in the afternoon, HBOT, then playing at the gym while I get some exercise. It’s a long day, but the HBOT will only be for the remainder of January, then we’ll be going back to just once a week as maintenance.

His first day back at Alpine was yesterday and he did AWESOME. He had no behaviors in second session and only 2 in the first session (both were avoidance behaviors during circle). His verbal attempts were 301, which is higher than they were in December. This is suprising because he generally does some backsliding with breaks.

We’ve been going to the gym regularly and Dominic seems to really enjoy the play area. When I pick him up, the daycare monitors are telling me he’s interacting with the other kids, and doesn’t seem to have any behavior issues going on. This is a good thing

We have just sent off another round of the NutraEval test. It’ll be interesting to see what changes we see since July. We did not wean off of any supplements this time.

We’ve got our yearly appointment with the neurologist the end of this month. I’m going to be very interested in hearing his observations on the improvements that Dominic made in 2010 specifically relating to the hyperbaric sessions.

Dominic made some progress with his self help skills over the holidays – he’s now wiping after the bathroom independently, and helping wash his hair.

I put together the list of supplements that Dominic took in 2010 for our doctors office to write us a tax letter. Over the course of the year, Dominic took 39 different prescribed supplements. That’s a LOT. Granted, a number of them we tried for a short time and discarded, but still, WOW.

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