Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doctors and Dentists, oh my

Today was 2 for one day... well, not really. Our Dentist's office is directly across the hall from Dr K's office, so I managed to get adjacent appointments. 8am Dr K and 10am Dentist. We had 10 minutes between, so it was timed perfectly.

Doctor appointment summary - things are going really well overall. We went over the new allergy report (legumes are out. all of them basically), urine toxic metals (no suprises), and a new NutraEval test.

We are in tweaking mode... We've dropped copper, doubled zinc, and added a ton more B Vitamins. changed type of digestive enzyme, changed vit. e brands. nothing earth shattering.

We have to do a neurotransmitter test (ha, collect saliva. GREAT. just what i want to do with a kid who has a spitting stim that we've worked really hard to get under control. fantastic!) and one more immune test that they are having Neuroscience drop ship us. We'll go back the end of March for a followup on these tests.

Had Dr K listen to Dominic's chest because to me the cough sounds wet. Chest is still clear. Keep on w/viral protocol - fluids, rest, mucinex.

Then we dropped $163 on a few supplements we were low on and went across the hall to the dentist.

A bit of background, Dominic's first dental exam, 2 years ago, he was terrified. I held him, laid back with him laying on me, and kept him from kicking the dentist while the dentist got a 2 second look in his mouth. Second visit, the dentist actually got a finger or two in to get a better look - i still had to hold him. Third visit, we found cavities and set up the surgery he had a little over a year ago for full sedation to get them all filled. Still had him on one of our laps, holding hands and feet out of the way. In the summer last year, he sat on Rod's lap and actually let the dentist put the mirror in his mouth with no drama, no tears. Everyone was thrilled.

Until this visit.

He climbed up on the dental chair by himself... so we let him. he laid down and got all enthralled in the movie this office had playing in the tv directly in front of his face (yes, that puts it on the ceiling. They're *pediatric* dentists). He then proceeded to let our dentist use the mirror, only moving his hands out of the way when they blocked his view of the movie.


He let the hygenist polish his teeth and floss him.

we were BLOWN away. So was the Dentist, he kept coming by to comment on how well it was going.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Were the fillings mercury fillings? (Silver amalgam?)

Have you read Dr. Andy Hall Cutler's "Amalgam illness?" Or Dr. Huggins' uninformed consent? They both have a protocol for removing dental fillings from the mouth due to their toxic burden on the human body. I've noticed you are considering? chelation and feel Cutlers' chelation protocol is paramount for healing our kids.

Love hearing the progress from Dominic!

Joy said...

nope. we don't do silver/mercury/amagalm fillings for Dominic (our dentist doesn't do them for any children, actually). He's got a white composite filling.