Thursday, February 24, 2011

little update

Dominic is back to feeling good again. The crud really was about a 2 week adventure with a full 7 days of a fever at some point during the day, a cough, and the culminating in day of horrible diarrhea just lats Friday. Then he was fine. Literally.

And since then he’s been a super chatty bug. This weeks numbers of free operants from Alpine:

Monday: 300

Tuesday: 448 (a record!)

Wednesday: 366

Our Average in Feb probably won’t be super high because he wasn’t as talkative when he didn’t feel good (not a surprise). But for reference, the January average was 255.

We had our monthly alpine parents meeting yesterday and Dominic’s doing great – one specific example she gave was that during peer play, he has a peer he has been playing with for months but its really been more like they were playing right beside each other, not with each other. The past week, he’s started actually playing WITH her, initiating contact (he gave her a hug the other day) and his therapists are thrilled.

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Wow! A self-initiated hug is a big deal! What a lucky playmate to be the recipient of that! Go Domonic!