Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dr K Appointment Prep Work... this time with Data!

Focus of today’s visit: ___Followup on NutraEval, Urine Toxic Metals, and Allergy test;,results from Neuroprotek____________

Problems: __Yeast flare week 1 of Feb corresponding to when we discontinued HBOT, under control (manifested w/uncontrollable giggling, increased behaviors at Alpine and yeastie looking poop). Virus w/fever starting 2-8, developed cough. Still managing (2-13) .

Concerns regarding previous Recommendations: __n/a______________

Were you able to complete recommendations? Yes _x_ No___

Questions/Comments: __________________________________________________________

I’m seeing multiple people online talking about Ketotifen and NeuroProtek working synergistically and enhancing each others activity. What are your thoughts on adding Ketotifen? (I think it’s a prescription) Both work on excessive TNF alpha protein, which is really interesting. (apparently curcumin works on both TNF Alpha and NF Kappa B and curcumin has been another one of our wows).

Now that Dominic is swallowing pills, is it possible to get the Glutathione shifted to capsules/gelcaps? (instead of cream / liquid). Also, is it possible to switch to a multivitamin that is a capsule?

He’s talking a lot more, but we’re seeing his speech coming in very Apraxic and I’m wondering if there’re any supplements that help specifically with Apraxia?

For Example
bubbles is bushay
blanket is bankelay
window is owindah
please is peasilly
balloon is boolaah

Please provide a detailed update on your child:

Movements - stable, 1-2 poops a day, normal colored, formed, and digested. Occastionally he gets constipated, we managed by adding prunes to breakfast. .

Function Seems normal.

Behaviors Improved, see below chart.The self choking behavior started to decrease immediately when we removed Chelex. It was completely gone within a few weeks. Upon addition of NeuroProtek in December, we noticed further decline in non compliance and other behavioral issues. At Alpine, he’s now down to just a few behaviors a day (flare beginning of Feb corresponds to yeast flare). At D11, we “encouraged” them to switch Para’s with him as he had managed to completely manipulate the first one of the year and was no longer at all compliant. He now has a much better trained para and is doing fantastic with her.

Issues Goes to bed at 7pm w/1mg melatonin, sleeps until 6am, up @10pm for bathroom

Skills We’ve reintroduced playing at the gym’s daycare, and overall he’s doing very well. Seems to be steady w/ peer play targets at Alpine

Speech Pls see below chart

Issues Am kindergarten at D11, pm ABA therapy at Alpine

Additional issues:

Dilated Eyes - We realized in the beginning of December that Dominic’s pupils are dilating randomly without light level changes. It doesn’t happen at any specific time (it happens before and after sup’s, and both in morning and evening) And while we only noticed it in the beginning of December, we couldn’t swear that it wasn’t there prior. There doesn’t seem to be any behavioral component to this (eg, no weird staring spells that would make me think absence seizure, which was one of the possibilities mentioned online). Mentioned it at the Jan Dr Grabert appt and he was unconcerned.

Allergies: Jan 28 we realized that Dominic’s eyes were racooning – red/dark circles and swelling. Believe it may’ve been an allergic reaction to food, added Quercitin when it didn’t go away Jan 29. Slowly seeing the swelling reduce. Believe that we’ve now correlated this to some of his lesser food allergies (he had sugar snap peas as a snack for a couple of days), so I’ve pulled all his lesser food allergens out (eggs, legumes) entirely to clear him up.

Skin - In mid December, corresponding with the temperature drop, he developed a flat, red, dry rash with irregular boundaries on his face around his mouth. It responds to heavy moisturizer (the one that works best has been Vit A&D ointment frequently used for diaper rash).

Current Diet (GFCF, SCD, Yeast Free, etc) _GFCFSF and specific allergen free

Typical Meals

· Breakfast: ____GF oatmeal, nitrate free sausage________________

· Lunch: ______chicken breast, raw or frozen veggies, rice/pasta/gf pretzels, fresh fruit

· Dinner: ___ chicken breast, raw or frozen veggies, rice/pasta/gf pretzels, fresh fruit __

· Snacks: fresh fruit, GFCF pretzels_______________________

· Liquids/Juices/Beverages: ____water, diluted apple juice______________________


Mands are requests, Tacts are Labels, and FOP’s are free operant pairs or verbal attempts.

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